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Thanks so much for being interested in getting tattooed by me! so excited to hear your ideas.

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Upcoming Travel

Richmond VA - Unkindness Art march 27th-30th

Detroit MI -Melise Hill private studio. sep 10-12th

Charolette NC- ruby tiger tattoo. Aug 

Nashville Tn - Middle TN Tattoo Expo. oct 18th-20th


Booking Process

My books are always open so always feel free to send over your ideas through the form below. I am trying to focus solely on full color tattoos at this time. if I don't think I'm the right artist for your idea I can always send other trusted tattooers that work in the style you're looking for, your way .

Subject that take priority:

  • Animals and pet portraits

  • Female characters and female portraiture 

  • Florals

  • pop culture and art history icons

  • bottle, vases, potions

  • realism portraits

  • illustrative color realism

  • Art nouveau 

  • Crystals, bugs, and other nature related items

To start the booking process fill in the form below

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