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Thanks so much for being interested in getting tattooed by me! My Books are currently closed. If you fill out the form below you'll be added to the waitlist!

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Upcoming Travel

If you would like to get tattooed by me while traveling to these places please inquire when my books open and put the name of the shop or state into the descrition


Empress Tattoo in Chattanooga TN

11th & 12th of July


Ruby Tiger Tattoo in Charlotte, NC

Aug 22nd - 24th of August


Yellow Phog Tattoo in Detroit. MI

9th-12th of September


Middle Tennessee Tattoo Expo

18th-20th of October


Booking Process

My books are currently closed

and will be re opening on JUNE 26TH!!


The tattoos I post on instagram and on my website are the tattoos i'd like my style to stay within

Please make sure your idea works within that style - I Prioritize projects that align with my artistic interests and abilities. Currently I want to take on large scale color projects in my Neo-Nouveau style. I like designs focused on lady faces and figures, fantasy, cottage core, folklore, art history, mythology and pet portraits.

I will not do black&grey , lettering, watercolor, realism, micro portraits, or fine line.

If you do inquire for any of those styles i'll send you to a trusted artist that specializes in what you're looking for.


Yes, I do take on an occasional cover up - I only take on the ones I know I can successfully cover and will do my best to inform any limitations and what to expect. I can cover scars on case by case bases as well.

some ideas i'd love to tattoo

*the faces don't have to be female *

Fairies, Witches, Wizards, Nymphs, Valkyries, Vampires, Vikings, Knights, Baba Yaga, Fairy Tales, Centaur's, mermaids, selkies, cow girls&boys, anything western

*for creatures*

swans, birds of prey, tropical long beaked birds (like toucans and horn bills), long snout dogs (like Great Danes grey hounds and borzois), deers, boars, foxes, rabbits, bears, horses (unicorns or pegasus!!!), griffins, dragons, and obviously cats of any kind



half day (up to 4 hours)


full day (up to 8 hours )


Please fill out my waitlist form if you'd like to be considered for the next openings.

Waitlist Form

Thanks for submitting!

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