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After each tattoo is done I will go through the options of after care.

Most clients get wrapped with second skin. If they opt outdoor any reason, I completely understand and will walk you through healing your tattoo naturally. With washing regularly and Aquaphor.

If any instructions were forgotten I made this page to have everything I would've gone through with you in person.

Yet please always reach out if you have questions or concerns. 

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SecondSkin™ is a medical-grade, transparent, adhesive barrier that protects new tattoos while they are healing. It is latex-free, waterproof, breathable, and hypoallergenic. It is manufactured under quality-controlled conditions that have been CE-marked and FDA-registered.

The first seven days are a crucial time when it comes to healing tattoos. Because it's breathable and waterproof, SecondSkin™ can be left on during that period. It will protect the tattoo from bacteria and debris, while also helping to save clothes and linens from ink and blood.

Ingredients: Polyurethane, Acrylic Polymer Adhesive, Disposable Paper or Film Quick Release Liner

Healing Process with bandage 

You can leave SecondSkin™ on for up to seven days. We do recommend changing the bandage around the 24-36 hour mark.


  1. Clean and dry the tattoo thoroughly.

  2. Cut the SecondSkin™ to the desired length and shape, using multiple pieces overlapped at least one inch if needed. You should account for an extra inch on each side of the tattoo to cover un-tattooed, dry skin.

  3. “Crack” the wave by bending the piece in half at the blue stripe.

  4. Expose the sticky side by peeling off the backing printed with “SecondSkin”.

  5. Smooth SecondSkin™ over the tattoo pushing out any air bubbles.

  6. Remove supportive clear backing by peeling from the blue “wave” and smoothing over skin.

In the first 24 hours, there may be a build up of plasma under the SecondSkin™. This is completely normal. If so, remove the bandage and repeat from step one. Whether or not you change your bandage, leave it on for an additional three to six days. Once you remove our SecondSkin™ bandage, keep your tattoo clean and start using our aftercare cream as needed.  



  1. Peel up an edge or corner of SecondSkin™. If this proves difficult, you can attach medical tape to the corner of the film to help lift it.

  2. Slowly pull the film off. Do not pull it straight up away from the skin. Instead, pull the film back and across the skin while holding your skin taut.

You may experience some redness around the tattoo where SecondSkin™ was applied to the un-tattooed skin. This is also completely normal and may occur with any type of medical adhesive. If you do develop an adverse reaction on the tattoo, discontinue use immediately.


healing process naturally 

after the tattoo is complete i will put a thick layer of ointment on you and bandage you up.


when you get home you will remove the bandage and clean the area.

Before you start, make sure your hands are clean and you have unscented antibacterial soap ready. Avoid soap with fragrance, moisture beads or scrubs.

    1. Carefully remove the bandage and tape. If you feel the bandage sticking to the tattoo, wet it with lukewarm water and gently slide it off.

    2. Make a lather in your hands with soap and warm water. NO washcloths, bath towels, or sponges on a fresh tattoo.

    3. Gently clean the tattoo using a circular motion until all ointment and plasma are removed.

    4. Rinse the tattoo gently until the skin is clean.

    5. Pat dry with a clean towel or paper towel then allow to fully air dry for a minimum of 10 minutes. DO NOT SCRUB.

    6. Once the tattoo is dry, apply a very small amount of Aquaphor or Bacitracin. Gently rub the ointment into your tattoo. Dab any excess off with a clean paper towel.

Applying too much ointment can cause your tattoo to “suffocate.” Apply only a very thin coat so your tattoo can breathe.

Clean your tattoo this way once a day in the shower for the first 2-3 days.

There is no need to re-bandage the tattoo, but please be mindful that your tattoo is a wound and when unwrapped, it is prone to dirt and bacteria which may cause infection. Avoid direct contact with any surface. 

Apply the Aquaphor or Bacitracin 2-3 times a day (Remember, keep it light!) for the first 5-7 days or until your tattoo starts to flake/peel like a sunburn. When the peeling begins, switch to a regular FRAGRANCE FREE lotion such as Lubriderm, or any other fragrance free brand for an additional 2 weeks.

Your tattoo should be completely healed within 2-4 weeks.

If you have extremely sensitive skin, the lotion may cause breakouts. If this happens, just reduce the number of your daily lotion application.

After the first few days, your tattoo may become itchy or begin to form flaky scabs. They will fall off on their own, so DO NOT PICK OR SCRATCH AT YOUR TATTOO. Doing so can cause some of the pigment to disappear, and your tattoo may not heal properly. Keep it moisturized and the scabs will eventually dissipate.

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